Winter Weddings
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There's something about the winter season. The cold weather just makes it irresistible to fall in love, and make simply beautiful weddings are created.

Childhood memories, getting cozy and Holidays come to mind to many couples when they think about the season.
And all of these feelings certainly play a main role when deciding a theme.
While there are hundreds of themes, one thing is certain, they are not only romantic but also very elegant.

There are just a few things that you may need to think about when planning one. Let's me share some winter wedding secrets with you.

Wedding decor

If you go shopping during the upcoming winter season to any type of store, I know you will not be surprised if I point out that they are decorated in a particular way.

Wedding venues are no exception to this rule.
If there's an item where you can really save money when planning a winter wedding is in the wedding decor.

Most venues will be already set up for the holiday season, which for you means not spending extra money on decorations to bring your theme alive.
Chances are that your venue will be decorated for the Christmas season..
And I am not talking about having Santas and reindeers all over the place.

Candles, snowflakes, white and/or reds are more than likely to be present. The colors and the season help you, with subtle details making it feel just like home.

Winter Wedding Colors

snowed rose close up

In case you are wondering what are the colors most used for this event here are some of them:

* White
* Reds
* Blues
* Silver

An increasing number of brides are also choosing unconventional colors such as purples, magenta and off whites.
Possibilities are endless and your color choice will also determine or theme or vice versa.

What's with the weather?

Regarding the weather.. I say no big deal!
However there are some thing s you need into consideration.
For example, make it easier on your guests and have the ceremony and the reception at the same location.
This will save them the travel in the cold, and the trouble of moving form one location to the other.

Also take into account your venue. For example if you have a tented wedding, make sure to rent heating lamps.
If you think sidewalks are slippery outside your venue, make sure there's a proper mat at the entrance.

winter weddings, winter weddings couple, winter wedding dress

Dress appropriately and choose closed tip shoes.
While your dress doesn't have to be strictly winterly, your shoes should be.
You can always wear a coat that you can take off at the venue, but your feet, that's a different story!

These are just a few details you need to consider. Remember, with just a little extra care on planning, your day will be the most memorable one!

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