Winter Wedding Ideas

Original Concepts for a Unique Event

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter wedding ideas are not that hard to find if you are an avid web searcher or a bridal’s magazine lover.

What is hard to find are creative ideas that will make your event one of a kind...

And I know you are a bride that wants only original and simple tips, that you can apply at your own celebration without breaking the bank.

So let me share with you some winter wedding secrets that will make everyone say wow!.

Something old, something new

Many brides ask themselves: How do I give my centerpiece a modern twist? You know you want flowers, but you don't want the typical flower arrangement.

So, what is a creative bride to do, especially in the cold season? How to turn something old (the flower arrangement) into something new? (for this part just keep on reading!)

Creating a beautiful yet extremely elegant centerpiece with a modern twist is easier than what you think.

winter wedding ideas, orchid flower
Take note, because this is all you need per centerpiece:
A Glass vase for centerpieces.
A big fresh flower (a magnolia, gardenia or orchid for example work perfectly)
All you need to do is fill ½ of the vase with crushed ice and place the flower on top.
As the ice melt, you will have a beautiful floating arrangement that will wow everyone.

winter wedding ideas, floating candle centerpiece
If you are not into the fresh flower idea, you can use floating candles instead to decorate and light up your tables.
Candles also have the quality of giving a lovely romantic glow to any venue and create picture perfect opportunities.

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It's Snowing! Our Take on an Edible Centerpiece

Another original centerpiece comes thanks to mother nature and a little secret shared by a baker!

I am sure you have seen them before, those delicious frosted grapes. They look like if they have snow all over them.

Grab a bunch of grapes and dip them into a mix of 1/3 cup pasteurized liquid egg whites and 2 teaspoons of water. This mix is valid for a pound of grapes, calculate accordingly to your needs.

Shake off the excess mix and sprinkle the grapes with superfine sugar. Do not refrigerate the grapes or the frosted effect will be ruined!

You can place the grapes on a tall fruit or cake display for an original centerpiece. I recommend the use of pasteurized liquid egg whites to avoid the salmonella risk. The grapes can be consumed up to 48 hours after preparation.

Make it Sizzle

Another great idea for your reception is to have a hot coco table. You can serve different flavors of coco to make your guests feel cozy. You can do this at the beginning of the party, or near the end along with your cake cutting

I know you are going to implement some of these winter wedding ideas on your day. They work extremely well for any type of winter wedding theme.

If you have a winter wonderland theme , these winter wedding ideas are easy for DIY brides to make and also budget proof.

And remember, in winter weddings, you can always take advantage of the reception hall decorations already set up for the cold season. So just adding extra details like these ones are what make your wedding a unique one.

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