Winter Wedding Cakes

Elegant Designs

Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter wedding cakes are elegant and in a simply way , just breathtaking.

They are the kind of cakes that are so simply crafted and decorated that makes a statement with their simplicity.
While romance and elegance are written all over them, they also have this magical glow that every bride envisions for her day.

Ice and Snow

It is obvious, when we think of winter and cold temperature, ice and snow make an appearance in our heads. But how do we take that and translate it to Sugar land?

winter wedding cake

A little icing work and some glitter bring up the theme to life in this design. Dusted glitter always make the trick to add some sparkle.

winter wedding cake, ice snowball cake

This modern dream is decorated with blown sugar balls.
Placed over a fondant base , the balls were also dusted with iridescent pearl powder

Tis the Season

winter wedding cake, bow wedding cake

If you want to evoke the Holidays in a subtle way, have a cake with a bow design. Covered in fondant, it also display golden tone fondant pearls, that also gives it a vintage look.

Diamonds, Not Ice

winter wedding cake, diamond style cake

You may have a winter wedding, but you do not want your guest to think of ice. So what did you do?
You chose the iciest jewel of them all and this cake reflects just that.
An elegant design decorated with diamonds is also perfect for your day.

A Splash of Color

winter wedidng cake, red poppies wedding cake

While a winter cake has a timeless elegance, you can also spice it up. Adding some color to it will do just that. These red poppy one is an excellent example.

And do not forget the cake topper to put the cherry on top of your dream cake, whatever design you choose.

All of the pictures are the beautiful design of Let them eat cakes.

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