Winter Wedding Bouquet
Natural Elegance

A winter wedding bouquet is what you need for your upcoming celebration.

There a few things that you need to know so you can take them into consideration when choosing one.

Winter weddings are simple yet elegant, and your bouquet needs to reflect that style as well.
That is why always you will see brides walking down the aisle with a big smile on their faces and a monochromatic arrangement in their hands.

Yes, only one color is what you need to make it perfect.
Not the multicolored summertime bouquet.

Walking down the aisle as the most beautiful ice princess ever seen is accompanied by a gorgeous one color arrangement
. The only two colors allowed with your main color will be white or green if they are not already the main color of your choice.

Simple enough, right?

Simply White

Roses, roses. The prefect flower for every occasion, and a winter wedding is no exception.
A White royal rose bouquet is simple, but never unpretentious. It is the perfect arrangement also for a winter wonderland theme.

What about Red?

winter wedding bouquet,, Rose and Star of Bethlehem bouquet, flower arrangement picture

As red is also another favorite in the winter palette, there's no doubt is one of the favorite colors for winter flowers as well.
This Red roses and star of Bethlehem creation is very appropriate and one of the most popular combinations for Christmas weddings.

winter wedding bouquet,, calla lily and rose bouquet, flower arrangement picture

Another way to combine colors? Get inspired by this Calla lily and red rose bouquet.
No one will think of the cold weather looking at this beauty. It is truly breathtaking.

If Purple is your color

winter wedding bouquet, purple bouquet picture

Purple is truly making a sound entrance on the bridal scene.
Royal and sophisticated, it is great match for unconventional winter weddings.

Ice, Ice

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. And now, they are also the hottest trend in wedding flowers.
So if you want to add the ice factor to you bouquet, nothing better than these swirls jewelry for your arrangement.
They bring the glamour and take it up a notch to make your bouquet truly one of a kind.

So get ready with that beaming smile of yours, and get one of these gorgeous creations for your big day.

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