Wine Theme Wedding
A Toast to a Wine Aficionado Couple

A wine theme wedding. If you and your groom love wine, you might want to consider wine theme wedding. Decorating with a wine theme is a subtle way to add originality and elegance to your wedding. The foundation of the wine theme is basically elegance.

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This theme is often celebrated in vineyards (rows after rows of sprawling grape vines make and ideal backdrop to start your lives together), country clubs and well-maintained gardens. During cold months you can opt to celebrate in an Italian banquet or restaurants with warmly colored stucco, log columns, and big arches. Vintage chandeliers hanging above your guests give a glamorous ambience.

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To start your journey to a wine filled wedding, design your invitation with grape fruits and its vines, giving your guest a slight idea of the theme. You can even print your own invitations with the help of a wedding invitation kit.

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The best color palette combines deep tones of wine such as burgundy and deep purple. You can complement it with and off-white or silver and/or gold to add a vintage elegant royal look. A great idea for this type of theme is to prepare several wine glasses on your guests tables and serve them with red and white varieties creating an intimate tasting party for them.

Make your centerpieces simple yet striking. Consider deep red and luscious cream roses, long stemmed crimson calla lilies, red pompon dahlia, red tiger lily, and some greens. Arrange the flowers in a clear vase and it will make a lovely statement. Another idea also is to décor the tables with your personal choice of wine that you and your fiancé love to drink, and add captions like “ we had this wine when we were in Paris!”.

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Impress you guests by showcasing your cakes and /or desserts on top of a wine barrel! Have your cake made in several single layers, and place each one of them on top of a different barrel. This is a unique display that will let your guests know that you and your groom are really wine connoisseurs.

Raise your glasses and toasts for the success of your special day. A simply elegant wine theme wedding will result in a memorable wedding for the newly wed, and to all the people who are lucky to share with it.

A simply elegant wine theme wedding will result in a memorable wedding for the bride and groom, and also to all the people who shared that day with the! So, raise your glasses and toasts for the enjoyable success of the most important day in your married life!

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