Wine Bottles Wedding Favors
Bottle in your way to your guests hearts

Wine bottles wedding favors are one of the most practical gifts you can give to your guests. Wedding and wine goes side by side in every wedding scene. Wine is always part of a wedding.

There are many ways to hand out wine bottles as your wedding favors. But doing this does not mean that each bottle needs to contain only wine. Great ideas for wedding reception favors include decorating them, filling them with a message or picture, personalizing the label are some of the options to do so.

You can also be very crafty and fill each bottle with candies or potpourri, even bath salts instead as an original option.

wine bottles wedding favors, scented oil favor

For a vineyard wedding theme an unusual wedding favor could be a Glass bottle of scented oil.

You can do it by yourself too. There are different sizes of wine bottles available in the market, fill it with scented oil, and have a clear sticker printed with your details and grape vines to reflect your theme.

wine bottles wedding favors, cheese board set

If you have a budget to splurge on your wedding favors, on of the best wedding favors available in the market are these Cheeseboard and Knife Sets.

This wine motif cheeseboard and knife set will definitely put your guests in awe. There’s nothing cheesy in giving your guests with this set, as it is wonderfully designed and elegantly presented.

Giving out wedding favors does not mean spending a fortune too. You can make your guests happy even with the simplest things.

By giving them something that would really reflect your personality, they will appreciate every effort you put into your favors. Always remember that, being crafty and paying attention to the details will result in lovely wedding favors.

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