Western Theme weddings
Giddy up for romance!
An Original Twist to a Vintage Theme

Western theme weddings will have you on your feet.
The outlaws and sheriffs fighting over a damoiselle in distress, what a romantic scene!

If you dream of embracing this theme and marrying it to a vintage wedding , you really can’t loose.
Everything about the wild west fits with the vintage view and you will be creating truly unique celebration.

Let’s bring that vision to life for your day!

Finding your Venue

When planning western theme weddings there are many choices to find the perfect venue.

Hosting your celebration at a traditional wedding hall or banquet room is great, but themes like this also give you the option to celebrate in not to conventional venues.

Think outside the box for a moment and you will find that there are many iotions that can fit your theme.

For example:

* a restaurant that is decorated western style. Think of a steak hose, with big wooden barrels, longhorns, chuck wagon wheels, lazos, you name it, this place will have one or more of these items in their décor.

So if they rent the place or even a separate room it can truly add to create the atmosphere.

* A farm or barn, a historic society with a great garden can also become the perfect place for your celebration.
* What about a rodeo venue? If there’s one nearby you may want to check them out, as they will have a great backdrop for your theme.
Most of them count with a reception hall or meeting room that they rent, so they are really perfect for western theme weddings.

Setting up and decorating

Your wedding colors will include white and browns.
Some brides also to complement them with a little secondary color, such as yellow, soft pinks or blues, or pastel greens.
You can also create some contrast using a little black or red.

Now is the time when you can really define the look of western theme weddings.
To create a very elegant quite vintage celebration you could use table linen in brown , black or white and accentuate.

But if you are more of a free spirit that wants a fun and relaxed celebration you can even use plastic table covers, even more if you are in non conventional venue like the ones mentioned above.

Want to have a flower arrangement?
Daisies, carnations and sunflowers are always among the top choices for this theme, along with other wild flowers.
More formal brides go with roses and calla lilies.
As you can see you can really create different looks for this theme according to your personality and vision.

western theme weddings, gourmet cookie
Cowboy Boots Cookie
western theme weddings, cowboy hat favor
Cowboy Hat Favors
western theme weddings, Cowgirl Boot Vase
Howdy Cowgirl Boot Vase
western theme weddings, western cake topper
Western Affection Cake Top
western theme weddings, personalized mints
Giddy Up Mint Tins
western theme weddings, bride and groom cake topper
Western Bride and Groom Cake Top

Dressing the part

How vintage and western you want to go can also define your bridal look.
Long vintage dresses with some lace detail such as a romantic tulle gown and cowgirl bridal boots complete the vision for this unique theme.

But you can also wear a casual wedding dress if you feel at ease with this look instead.
And your bridesmaids will be gleaming in a beautiful yellow short square neckline bridesmaid dress Complete with a great daisies bouquet and you are ready!

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