Western Theme Centerpieces.
All the centerpieces for your western theme

3d Western Centerpiece

Western theme centerpieces.
Are you looking for a unique centerpiece for your Western wedding theme?
I had so many ideas for centerpieces for this theme, that I am placing them all here, so you can choose your favorite one.

From the DYI centerpiece, to the I just bought it and placed it on the table, passing by the little assembly required western theme centerpiece, they are all here.
You've chosen a gun theme for your wedding , so have fun choosing your centerpiece!
Scroll down and choose your favorite!

The "I just bought it centerpiece"

* 3d Western Centerpiece A classy an friendly centerpiece with a little eye catching silver touch.

*Western Boot Candle
Another colorful item that can be used as a centerpiece.
Light up your celebration with this fun item!

* Desert Dreams Centerpiece Each
An elegant centerpiece, especially fitted for a night western wedding theme.

* Strawbale Centerpiece Pkg/6
A unique budget friendly centerpiece.

But I want a floral arrangement!

OK, You want a floral arrangement.
But you still want it to be original and fit your western theme wedding right?

So have a floral arrangement but display it in a unique way.
To start with, forget about the traditional vase.

Place your flower inside red or silver pails or tins instead.
Another idea? Put them inside a boot glass (like the ones displayed below).

Still not satisfied? Place them inside a colored cowboy hats you will have to use a piece of florist foam inside the hat for the flowers to stay in place).

If after all this you still want to use the traditional vase , go ahead and make it theme appropriate by tying a red or black western tie around them finished in a bow..

The "I had to work a little on these centerpieces"

* "Wild Wild West" Western Boot Glass

These glasses can be used for drinking but they also make great vases. Add flowers, coffee beans, candles or a cactus for a unique twist. Western flair with a touch of sophistication!
The glasses are made in the shape of a western boot with a handle.

* Another unique idea is to have brown and/or white pillar candles and tie them with red or black western tie finished in a bow.

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