Wedding Venues

Where will you be getting married? Do you dream of an elegant affair at a castle-like venue? Or would you rather feel the sand between your toes while you walk down the aisle?

Finding the right venue for you takes a little work, but by doing some research, you will be able to find that dream location in no time.

Venue types and services

As you already have your theme and colors chosen, more than likely you also have a good idea as to what type of venue you need for your reception.

For example, if you are planning a beach theme wedding, an ocean front hotel with banquet services, a state park with access to the beach itself, or even a beautiful reception hall should be among your top venue options.

However, if you will be planning a Parisian wedding theme, your venue could be a restaurant with some French flair, a historic hotel, or an outdoor venue with a spectacular garden.

Your theme can have a lot of influence on the venue you will ultimately end up booking for your celebration.

You also need to consider the location of the venue. If you are having the ceremony at a different location, you will also need to contemplate transportation for you and your guests.

Hotel ballroom or reception hall

At these types of venues, everything is planned right down to the last detail. Hotels and reception halls can divide or accommodate their ballrooms to fit your needs.

You will also have the benefit of working with people that are hospitable and have services on site.

These types of venues usually have classy, elegant, timeless settings. You can rent the ballroom by itself, or also buy a wedding package, where services like catering, a DJ, decorations and more are included.

A Farm or Barn

wedding venues

A top choice for couples that want to have a Western or Green theme wedding, these picturesque locations go hand in hand with a laid-back celebration.

You may need to put some extra work in getting the location ready for a wedding, just as you would when using your own home, unless the farm or barn of your choice solely operates as a wedding venue.

If you’d love to have a rustic, picture perfect event, these locations could be perfect for you.

The Beach

wedding venues

A great choice for nature lovers that love the tropical, exotic feeling of the sun against their skin.

Sand, sea and the ocean breeze offer the perfect scenario for a romantic celebration. Nothing can beat nature’s backdrop for your event.

Take into account that the ceremony can be performed at the beach with the required permits, and that it is recommended to move the reception indoors to a nearby venue.

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