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When you look for a wedding recipe, you look for a simple explanation on how to make  a food, cake, drink or other item you can include in your menu or celebration right?
It sounds simple enough, but when you are also having a wedding theme, is great to know a little bit about the item you are serving and to make it theme appropriate. While many couples have signature cocktails, some others want to show their heritage or  culture through the food.

And what a great way to share with family, friends, and love ones the experience of your new life together.

So let me share with you some recipes that you can use also at any kind of party over and over. You will also find a little history about the item (hey, you can even share this info with your friends!).

Let's begin our culinary trip!

Wedding Cakes Recipes

Wedding Drinks Recipes

  • Champagne Cocktail
  • Hot Rummed Cider
  • Marilyn Monroe Cocktail
  • Sake Sunrise
  • Saketini
  • Southern Champagne
  • Vodka Gimlet
  • Buck Fizz

Mardi Gras Cocktails

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