Wedding on a budget

by Paola
(Capital Federal, Argentina)

Rustic Fall centerpiece

Rustic Fall centerpiece

Hi Everyone!! This is my story...
When I started planning my wedding I knew I had to get the best deal , because my budget was really tight.
So what did I do?

Just for starters, I visited different venues.
After my visits , I decided to hold my wedding in one of them.
Not only this venue offered me the best price, but it was also located near the church where I got married and let me bring my own alcohol.
So I had double savings! savings in transportation , and savings in bar!

I instructed the bartender that bottles should only be open as they run out ( a little tip a friend told me). No extra bottles where opened , but I bought so much that I ended up drinking red wine for a few months after the wedding!

I think it really helped my budget that I signed the contract with the venue well in advance and choose a Sunday afternoon as my wedding day.
The price was really different ( cheaper) due to this.
It also allowed me to set a monthly payment plan, so my finances didn't get hurt that much in the process.

I went online looking for a dress. I just wanted to see different options, because my aunt offered to sew it for me.
I did end up renting an underskirt for the dress, and I got a good price due that I booked it well in advance!
My aunt also painted some flowers on the dress, so it was really costumed!

I had a little challenge with my centerpieces.
As my budget was so tight, I knew I wasn't going to be able to give my guests wedding favors, so I wanted them to be able to take the centerpiece home.

I also wanted my centerpiece to have a rustic feeling, so I had to put them together myself.
I bought some tall glass vases, and dried twigs, mini branches and leaves.
I didn't want to use glass beads inside the vase, so I bought some packs of lentils and peas to use instead.
I placed tem inside the glass just half way so they will give some support for the twigs.
My aunt also took care of baking a cake, due that I had a desert table, the cake didn't need to be as big, so it was homemade.

My fiancé and my dad rented tuxedos at the same place so they got a better deal.
My pictures where taken by a friend who is an amateur photographer.
The only wedding professional I contracted was a video professional.

Oh!!! I also printed my invitations myself. I chose a pretty design and printed them at home in parchment paper.It took a lot of time to cut them and get them ready for delivery...
I thought I was never going to be done but it saved me a lot of money!

I had my dream wedding on a budget, but it did take a lot of planning!
Hope this helps someone.



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