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wedding hair pins

These wedding hair pins are simple and easy to make. While you can see them here in blue and clear beads in a curly updo, you can use beads in any color to match your wedding theme and color palette.

Hair Pins Materials

* Hair pins (bulk packs from Walgreens work fine, be sure to get the wide pins rather than narrow grips - grips are really fiddly to work with)

* 24 or 26 gauge wire

* Beads

* Wire cutters

* Chain nose pliers (if your wire is not soft enough to manipulate with your fingers)

wedding hair pins

1 * Cut a length of wire a few inches long and start wrapping it around one side of the pin, about 1/4 inch from the top. Don't worry about tucking the end around yet as leaving it sticking out will make it easier for you to wrap the rest.

2 * Keep wrapping until you reach the top of the pin and then slide a bead onto the wire.

3 * If you want to be more adventurous you can position beads away from the pin and/or add more than one bead. Thread a bead onto your wire and hold it in position the required distance from your pin.

4 * Fold the wire back on itself after it emerges from the far side of the bead and line the 2 sections of wire up with one another. Hold the 2 sections of wire together where they reach the pin and then twist your bead until the whole length of the wire is twisted together.

5 * Wrap the loose end of the wire once around the pin so it’s in position to add another bead. These twisted wire stalks can be bent and repositioned later.

6 * Continue wrapping around the other side until you reach level with where you started on the first side.

7 * Cut off any excess wire and finish off both ends by pressing the ends around and firmly into the wedding hair pins.

About the Author

Claire Smith has always enjoyed crafts of all kinds, taking after her parents who both have several creative outlets themselves. As a child she would try out anything even remotely creative, she did a lot of painting and sketching but also made candles, friendship bracelets and made and painted plaster-of-Paris models.

Whilst at university she took ceramics classes for a while, something she would love to come back to, and even during a brief period as science teacher she was always creating posters and teaching resources. She was born and lived in the UK until 2 years ago, when she moved to San Francisco with her husband.

Whilst planning her own wedding her creativity really came to the fore as she decided really early on to personalise and cut costs by making a lot of things herself, including the invitations, decorations, jewelry and bouquets.

She enjoyed making the jewelry so much, that now she has an online shop, Embergrass Jewelry selling her handcrafted copper jewelry.

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