Wedding Guests

It is very important that you know a rough number of people that will be invited to your celebration. While the number may increase or decrease before you make the final cut, you need to make an educated guess of how many people will be with you at that day.

The number of wedding guests you will invite can influence how big or small your wedding party will be, as well as your venue choice, menu and the way your budget will be distributed.

If you are having a destination wedding, chances are not as many people as you originally invited will make it to your actual celebration, but a good estimate always come handy for your planning.

Also remember and take into account that if you will have a ceremony and a reception at different locations,

Kids At The Reception

You need to decide if you will be inviting kids to your wedding or if it will be an adult-only affair.

wedding and kids

If you decide to have an adults-only celebration, you need to make it clear in your invitations to avoid creating any confusion. You need to be strict about this rule as well. With the exception of flower girls, ring bearers or other kids in your bridal party, no other kids should be allowed.

Imagine how bad your other friends and family will feel if they had to make special arrangements for their kids in order to attend your wedding, just to find out that other families that were notified just as they were, ended up bringing their kids.

To avoid any issues, make it clear from the beginning and you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

Your To Do List

  • Decide how many people you will invite to your wedding
  • Decide if it will be an adult only or kids allowed affair
  • Notify your guests of the nature of your wedding, and make clear there are no misunderstandings as to who is invited and allowed to be present at the celebration, and who isn’t

You do not need to be rude about this subject. It is understood that you need to state if kids will be allowed or not at your celebration from the beginning of planning.

This decision may affect your budget, drinks, activities and menu options among other items of planning, so you need to be certain of what you want when it comes to it.

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