Wedding Favor Tags
Send A “Thank You” Gift To Your Guests With Flair

Wedding favor tags are the “in” fashion in the wedding industry nowadays. A stylish tag attached to your wedding favors can create a great look for your guests gifts.

Homemade wedding favors are one of the most cherished wedding favors.Making your own tags is one of the affordable ways to finish off your favor’s looks. This is also part of DIY brides strategy to save some bucks, which can be used for other things.

But ready made tags can save you the hassle of cutting and assembling papers and gives you a wonderful result as well.

Let us give you some ideas on what type of tags you can use for your wedding favors and which wedding theme it will best fit.

wedding favor tags, black and white favor tag, elegant favor tag

Black and White Thank You Favor Tags

This black and white “thank you” wedding favor tags is one of the most elegant looking tags. The black font use in white background is very classy and exudes with a vintage feel.

This tag is best used in a vintage theme wedding, black and white theme wedding, or a Victorian theme wedding.

wedding favor tags, floral favor tag

Floral in Pink Favor Tag or Place Card

This Floral and Pink Favor tag blooms flowers and sweet colors. It was crafted for function and style. A great wedding idea is to tag it up to your favors and place them on top for your guest’s plates.

Hitting two birds with one stone, you now have stylish place cards and a great favor display set up. It is best use in garden theme wedding, spring theme wedding, pink theme wedding, and rose theme wedding.

wedding favor tags, beach wedding favor tag

Starfish and Shell Beach Favor Tags

This lovely printed starfish and shell tag is very cute. It has a wonderful mixture of color that reflects the amazing beauty of the ocean. This is best fit for your destination theme wedding, tropical theme wedding, beach theme wedding, seashell theme wedding, and ocean theme wedding.

If you are pressed for time or do not want to stress with creating your own tags, see these and hundreds of different styles of wedding favor tags at our shop

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