Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas

There are hundreds of ideas and inspiration to embrace any type of wedding theme and color palette, but each couple will have their own take on how to set up the elements at their venue to create a unique look.

The Rise of Cupcake Wedding Cakes

cupcake wedding cakes

Brides all over the world are embracing this trend. And why not? They are fun, beautiful and delicious.

Your cake can become the focal point and most talked about item of your celebration. Why would you have a classy tiered cake, when you can have one of the most original wedding cakes by selecting a fun option?
If you are a creative bride I am sure you will go with this option. These yummy pieces can be decorated to fit any theme wedding.

10 Unique Wedding Buffet Ideas

weddingrecption buffet table ideas

An original Wedding Reception Buffet Table can make your guests stay in awe at your celebration. Take a look at these 10 creative wedding ideas to have a wedding bar as unique as you.

7 Ways to Use Balloons at Your Wedding

Balloons are not only for kids celebrations anymore. With thousands of sizes, shapes and colors, these beauties can fit any wedding theme.

They are an affordable option that also brings a fun unique vibe to your wedding. Learn how to use them in creative ways here.

Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower

alice in wonderland bridal shower ideas

Planning a fun and unique bridal shower can be a challenge. This Alice in Wonderland themed celebration proves that with proper planning a whimsical theme is not only fun but also elegant.

A Mad Hatter tea party is the ideal concept for an original chic bridal shower. Colorful and with plenty of DIY wedding ideas this event was a hit, and so can be yours.

Fall Wedding Decorations

Decorations for a fall wedding vary depending on the overall look and theme of your celebration. While many couples embrace the classic color palette of the season, orange, brown and/or yellow, some others give other colors like lavender, soft greens and pink a place in the celebration. See how to decorate for an original Fall theme wedding here

When you think about your decorations, there are many areas that you need to cover. Here are the most popular categories:
  • Wedding Table Decoration
  • Centerpieces, table arrangements and table jewelry are what covers this category. Think about candles, flowers, petals, confetti, figurines and more. Also the way you set up your table can constitute decor by itself. Place cards, votives, wine glass shades and table numbers are some of the items that can help your table settings are unique.
  • Garden Wedding Decorations
  • If your reception or ceremony are taking place outdoors, small details can create an amazing look and make any garden go from ordinary to extraordinary. Aisle runners rose petals, shells, pomanders, archways and others can be part of the décor. Creating a frame for the wedding aisle can be achieved with the use of original items like themed garden stakes if you have a garden ceremony.
  • Balloon Decorations
  • The use of balloons as part of wedding décor is being embraced by couples with a tight budget and fun theme for their event. Balloons can adapt to any theme and be used as part of centerpieces, archways or wall décor.
  • Outdoor Christmas Lawn Decorations
  • These type of décor helps any indoor venue to have a holiday feeling in the cold months. Life size nutcrackers and Christmas wedding archways are part of the original approach to embellishing a wedding hall or church.
  • Flower Decorations
  • Flowers can be found in almost any type of wedding and are a classic symbol of love. While roses and lilies are traditionally bridal favorites, exotic and wild flowers have also a big impact on wedding décor. Orchids, Hydrangeas, tulips, carnations, daisies and sunflowers are very popular as well.
  • Head Table wedding Decorations
  • The head table wedding decoration generally has a vibe and same theme as the guests tables, but is always bigger and spectacular by itself. The head table can also be adorned with string lights and candelabras to accentuate its importance in the venue and event.
  • Church Decorations
  • Flowers, candles, personalized aisle runners, pomander balls, pew bows and more help brides to bring their signature and style to their church. Sometimes these items serve double duty being transported and taking part as reception hall decorations as well.

    Wedding Decoration Ideas

    While many of your decorations will have to do specifically with your theme, there are some ideas that you can implement in any type of wedding.

    The use of theme archways at your venue is a simple and fun way to let your guests know what is to come. They also serve as amazing and original backdrops for wedding pictures.

    Using unconventional elements instead of flowers for your centerpieces can also bring a different vibe to your day. Figurines, candles, shells, feathers and fake diamonds are some of great affordable options.

    If your theme allows it, think about unconventional vases for your centerpieces. For example, a couple with a western theme wedding can use boot shaped planters to bring the cowboy look to the tables.

    For a garden wedding, teapots or cups can serve as part of your decoration or as original vases.

    Think outside the box and use not so traditional elements to bring your signature to your day. And most of all have fun with your planning and theme!

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