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Wedding Colors

Why are your chosen  colors so important? Many brides do not realize that when planning their dream celebration, choosing their color palette is one of the toughest decisions they will have to make.

A color scheme will affect almost every item present in your event. From the flowers, to the decorations, without forgetting about your favors and the overall look of your theme.

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Wedding Colors

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The right tone and shades combination can make your wedding the one to be remembered for guests for years to come.

Here you will find different weddings by colors and original ideas from real life weddings.

Browse the different tones and ideas presented here, to see how brides created a unique celebration including great wedding ideas for the venue, decorations, cake, arrangements, and more!

Sometimes you know you love a color so much that you want to make it the center of your plans, but maybe you have chosen a theme that has nothing to do with that color at all.

Other brides find that booking the perfect venue for the reception can bring some color decorating dilemmas, taking a toll on their budgets, so you need to think carefully.

Choosing your colors shouldn't be stressful. It is actually a  fun process that will make you happy and proud  when you see how you will incorporate it on your event.

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