Your Wedding Color Scheme

Your wedding color scheme.

After thinking and thinking you made your selection and ended choosing your wedding colors.
But now you need to know what is going to be your wedding scheme. How do you combine it? what to do now?
Don't worry; I have some tips to share with you (and some cool tools) on this matter as well.

Smile! Here is where the fun begins!

One color or more?

You've found the main tone for your day. So where do you go from here?

If you just want that color alone, you can go ahead and use it in different shades.
Use a color visualizer or wheel to help you find the right combination.
If you don't like to use this tool online, hit your paint shop and get inspired by their board (you can even get a color sample strip to carry with you when visiting vendors to make a visual statement of what you want).

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But maybe you want some other color to be part of your scheme. Decide if the secondary color on your palette will compliment or contrast with your main choice.
For example: blue and pink contrast each other while blue and silver compliment each other.
Still not sure? Maybe you need to choose by your theme.

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