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Sea Side wedding cake designs with an island background drop

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When you think of a tropical wedding theme, exotic and summer come to mind instantly. But how do you capture the island spirit in your cake?

Let’s take a look at some design ideas that will inspire you to have the cake you always dreamt of..

Palm Luau Cake

wedding cakes tropical theme, palm luau cake

An island, alms trees and Hawaii are written all over this design.
A multicolored tiered cake is a unique way to express what you envisioned for your day.
What is great about this cake is that you can build your tropical theme wedding decorations and centerpieces around it.
You can decorate one table with palm trees, another with shells and so on.
And then the cake, just captures it all in one place.
Really inspiring!
Photo courtesy of thecookieladycc

Chilling at the beach

wedding cakes tropical theme, beach couple palms cake

This is a fun design.
If you are getting married in an island this is a fun and original way for your cake to capture the theme
Gum paste figurines represent the couple and also serve as cake topers.
Really cute!

Photo courtesy of

Exotic flowers?

wedding cakes tropical theme, hibiscus wedding cake

This design wins you over with its simplicity.
If you think about it , is just a simple square cake.
But the eye popping colors, the gum paste hibiscus and piped waves on the sides make this one irresistible.
The exotic flowers are just beautiful , and the display is great!
Photo courtesy of Honey Punch studios

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