Avoid Wedding Budget Nightmares By Planning Right

Your budget will make or break your special day. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you get this right.

You and your fiancé need to know exactly how much money is available to fund the event. Knowing your budget can help you save a lot of headaches and mishaps when planning your celebration.

There are too many working parts to planning a wedding and if you don't have at least a tentative number for what you will spend, things will quickly get out of hand and that will have a DIRECT effect on your overall wedding budget.

Let's face it, every bride has their own idea of what they want (or what they don't) for their wedding.

And there comes the setting the budget reality...

We wish we didn't have to set one, but we have to be realistic about it, I know, sometimes reality hurts, I hear you!

Why No 2 Wedding Budgets are the Same

You may have dreamt about that wedding in Paris, but reality is maybe you can't afford it. It may be a silly example, but you need to know what kind of budget you have for your wedding.

wedding budget

Once you have decided on a budget, you also need to consider how it is going to be spent.

A good rule of thumb is that 40 to 60 percent of your budget will be spent on venue and food, while 10 percent will go towards flowers.

However, nothing is set in stone, and different types of weddings and locations may make your budget percentages differ.

For example, if you decide to have the reception at home, the venue in your case is at no cost or “free.” However, unless you are having a small intimate celebration, you may have to consider some rental charges, primarily chairs and tables at the least.

Knowing the wedding budget you have available and trying to fit in all you want or need within those numbers makes your planning journey easier.

You may feel overwhelmed or think that you have a very tight budget. But in reality - with the proper planning and resources - your budget will be just fine.

Setting a Deluxe Item

I always recommend that brides think about an item that is on their ‘most wanted’ list for the wedding - and splurge a little on it.

While some brides dream about gorgeous natural flowers, others think they cannot live without the perfect designer dress or that breathtaking reception hall.wedding budget

So whether it is your flowers, decorations, venue or dress, spend a little bit on that item (ideally not more than 20-25 percent of your total budget) and consider it your deluxe item on your way to the altar.

Even if you have to cut corners and save money in other areas you'll walk away happy because your "most important" item was taken care of.

If you spend less than that on your deluxe item: Congrats!!

Now you have some extra money for the rest of your wedding! But never, and I mean never spend more than that on one item alone.

You want your wedding to have a uniform level. For example, wearing a dress that costs 3 times the cost of your venue...not such a great idea.

You don't want a ghetto looking venue because you blew your budget on the dress alone.

Stick to the Plan

Do yourself a favor and keep those rough percentages in mind. While they are not set in stone, they will truly help you along the way. Trust me on this one, I have over 15 years of experience.

You are going to see and be offered "upgrades" by wedding professionals. They know you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your day a fabulous one. If you think the upgrade is worthy and it fits your budget, then by all means go for it.

But keep your numbers always in mind, OR just write the numbers down on your wedding planning checklist so you don't have to remember them. Actually write the dollar figure down.

Once the wedding budget is set, try your hardest to stick to it!

Temptation will always be there, but I know you are a smart and savvy bride. The best day of your life is about to come!

Live it happily and enjoy every moment of it.

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