Ways to Fold Napkins
The Valentine Fold

Ideal for Any Romantic Wedding Theme

Easy ways to fold napkins. There are several folds that are truly easy to achieve and that will make your tables look elegant in no time.

The Valentine or Heart fold presented here is one of them. If you are part of the DIY brides group and tend to ask yourself how to fold napkins or want to learn easy napkin folding techniques, this flat design will get you started.

ways to fold napkins, valentine fold, heart napkin fold

Would you believe that you can create a heart shape with three easy folds? You will become a pro in no time with the following step by step instructions. You just need a square napkin and the will to do this creation.

ways to fold napkins, valentine fold, white napkin

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ways to fold napkins, valentine fold, white napkin

Begin by folding the napkin in half , bringing the bottom edge to the top edge.

ways to fold napkins, napkin folds, valentine fold, wedding napkins

Place a finger at the center of the bottom edge and bring the bottom right corner up.

ways to fold napkins, napkin folds, valentine fold, wedding napkins

Now bring the left bottom corner up, so it will be laying on top of your previous fold.
Your Valentine or heart fold is complete and ready to be placed on top of your plates.
As this is a this is one of the easiest ways to fold napkins, my only recommendation is to use small napkins as the final design won't be any smaller than the napkin folded in half. If you use a napkin that is too large, you will have to set it beside your plates instead of on top of them, as the final design will be larger than the plate itself.

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