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A watermelon centerpiece is the most delicious topic ever. Due to our current economic situation, brides are opting for edible centerpieces nowadays. It does not only serve as a wedding table centerpiece, but it can also be a part of the meal, and not a penny can be wasted.

We will give you ideas on how a watermelon centerpiece can make the best out of your wedding budget, and wow your guests at the same time.

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Watermelon carved as basket and filled with chunks of assorted fruits like pineapple, papaya, and other tropical fruits. Your guests will be amazed to see a delectable sight, and they can actually have them as dessert.

It is also nice to have a smaller carved watermelon filled with fruits, placed on each plate, and can serve as your place card holders. This will create a stir amongst your guests.

watermelon centerpiece, edible centerpiece, watermelon peacock design

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A watermelon carved as peacock. Wow! This centerpiece will make your guests eyes pop out! Fruit kebabs (watermelon and pineapple chunks in a skewer) arranged as peacock’s tail. Fill the watermelon peacock with it’s own chunks and surround the carved fruit with chunks of watermelon.

Instead of using bamboo sticks for your skewers, you can use metal skewers, just tie each skewer with your guest’s name, and it is set to go as your wedding favor.

It is amazing how one’s creativity can make your wedding worth attending to. Both the above arrangements can be used in luau theme wedding , tropical wedding theme, summer wedding theme , and even beach wedding theme . You can check the links so you’ll have ideas on how these can be incorporated on the wedding themes.

You can also carve this fruit to your own design. Ask a friend who is good in crafting and with a little patience you will give your guests a most valuable yet yummy table centerpiece. You will be proud of yourself seeing your guests appreciate your effort.

There’s no limit to your imaginations when it comes to planning your wedding, just always make sure that it is about you and your groom.

Best watermelon wishes to you!

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