Vodka Gimlet

A Refreshing Cocktail

The vodka gimlet is one of many favorites wedding cocktails.
Originally made with gin with great popularity in the 40's, it's refreshing taste makes it a favorite for summer weddings and 1940's theme weddings.

The recipe is so easy that you can even make pitchers of it for easy serving at your tables. Curious?
Take note of the ingredients.

What you need for a glass

* 1 ½ oz vodka
* 1 oz lime juice
* powder sugar (optional)
* ice

If you are making just a glass  just pour the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, mix and serve.
Simple enough , right?

If You Are Making a Pitcher

If you are going to be making a pitcher, forget about the shaker...
Just place equal amounts of vodka and lime juice in a pitcher half way filled with ice. The sugar is optional but recommended if your guests are not into sour drinks.

You may be asking why equal quantity of ingredients for the pitcher and not for the individual serving?
When you are making a pitcher, your guests will be serving themselves and you won't be able to control how much they drink.

With this being said, you don't want to make and extra strong drink that may cause someone to get more than emotional. Equal parts of juice and alcohol also equal a lighter cocktail that everyone can enjoy at ease.

Hope you like this recipe and try it!

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