Vintage Wedding Theme Ideas

Original Tips for your Themed Event

Vintage wedding theme ideas are made for brides that love an antique look. While vintage has different meanings to different brides, the ideas presented here will create an original event with a retro feeling that will not attach you to a particular era.

While the black and white pattern is typical of the 1940’s, the feathers of the 1920's wedding theme and dot patterns from the 60s just to name a few, you can take elements from different times and create a unique event of your own.

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Let us start by choosing your color palette. There are many, many color swatches for weddings but a black and white color palette is one of the most elegant color palettes, and it is indeed a 1940's wedding theme thing. So, this alone can give your wedding a modern retro touch! This color palette is a glamorous and has been one of the most popular choices among brides.
If you want to spice it up a little use another one of the greatest vintage wedding theme ideas. You can choose a third color to complement the scheme. Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, gold, pink, deep reds or gold are favorites to mix with this theme.

Set your wedding reception as retro as you can but keep the lightning in modern mode for a twist. Centerpieces can be vintage table lamps like a Victorian table lamp.

vintage wedding theme ideas, vintage cake

They are extraordinary and classic. Keep the linen crisp white and the table numbers in black and white also to coordinate with the rest of the theme.
Your cake…oh it is always lovely to see. Choose a black and white wedding cake with a Victorian style monogram. Uncomplicated and simple the design makes this cake an awesome choice for the bride.

vintage wedding theme ideas, vintage look, vintage bride
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Let’s talk about the gown! You could choose on vintage gowns, full of lace, or gowns with long trains and long veil. Let your bridesmaids wear black short gowns, to give the overall look a modern twist. Accentuate your hair with a single feather flower for a retro effect.

A simple DIY project for the bride and her friends will give a personal touch on your classic wedding. Call all your friends, and let them join you with a project of a lifetime applying great vintage wedding theme ideas! Create a bouquet made of white roses, and add feathers for a 1920s era effect.
I wish you all the luck for a classic, elegant vintage wedding!

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