Vintage Wedding Theme

Hong Kong Inspiration

Hong Kong Inspired Wedding

This real wedding theme had a very special surprise waiting for everyone!

While James and Stephanie decided to have an ultra chic celebration they also wanted a fun multicultural experience for their guests.

vintage wedding theme, vintage wedding church
vintage wedding theme, vintage groom
vintage wedding theme, vintage wedding couple

Their beautiful and elegant wedding incorporated hints of the Chinese culture. They got married at a classic cathedral where you can see the arrangements in their color palette of ivory and pale pink.

vintage wedding theme, vintage wedding car

The bride arrived in a vintage car which was properly decorated for the celebration.

vintage wedding theme, chinese show
vintage wedding theme, lion dance
vintage wedding theme, lion dance

At the reception hall the guests where wowed by the entertainers that performed a lion dance, which is also known as a dragon dance and traditional of the Chinese culture.

vintage wedding theme, chinese place card
vintage wedding theme, vintage wedding centerpiece

The oriental influence was also present in the venue in the form of place card holders, with a vibrant red and gold lettering, and in the red favor bags.

vintage wedding theme, vintage wedding cake

The venue however was elegantly decorated in the color palette. Breathtaking tall wedding centerpieces made a great focal point at each table, with the amazing star lilies, which also decorated the wedding cake cascading down the tiers.

Photos Courtesy of Creative Wedding Photographer Rosie Parsons

This vintage wedding theme and the unique wedding ideas the couple incorporated made it a gorgeous and unique celebration.

If you like their theme, but want a bolder color scheme, embrace the red and gold of the Chinese culture as your own.

You can keep it vintage by using candle or low centerpieces instead of the tall floral arrangements. Another way to give your wedding a Chinese look is through the food and favors.

You can even keep the place rose palette and the Chinese vibe going with a cherry blossom inspired theme instead.

Take tips from these celebration and have fun planning your own!

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