Vintage Wedding Hair

vintage wedding hair, bridal hair comb
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Creating a vintage hairstyle do takes a little research and imagination. Having a vintage wedding theme is one of the most popular bridal trends.

Adding a vintage inspired rhinestone hair comb can bring the elegance of a retro bridal look to any hair style.

vintage wedding hair, feather bridal veil
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If you want vintage wedding hair with veil, you just need to find the right type of veil to match your antique look.

Modern trendy brides love to wear unique accessories like this French tulle cage blusher.

The flower and feather details makes this blusher a very elegant way to embrace the vintage theme and style.

vintage wedding hair, vintage swarovski headband, ribbon tiara
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Here is a great wedding idea and different wedding hair style that also works great for brides with short hair. Wearing your hair with curls or straight, you can add that chic glamour with a unique headband.

The bride pictured here is wearing a antique silver vintage inspired ribbon tiara.

If you are looking for something original and hardly seen before, wearing a detailed ribbon like this one is the way to wow everyone at your ceremony and reception.

If you are crafty enough you can even make your own with a little creativity.

vintage wedding hair, couture hair accessory
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vintage wedding hair, feather bridal comb

A super elegant chignon can take that vintage yet modern look with a couture feather hair comb with pearl and rhinestone accents.

Having a large hair accessory implies that you have to know in advance how you are going to wear it. In this case, the bride pictured gave a unique twist by placing her feathered comb on the side and around her updo.

Note how the feathers surround her chignon and fall around it naturally. If she would have chosen to have a higher updo, the accessory could have been placed in a different manner and act like an original tiara instead.

vintage wedding hair, birdcage veil with pearl clips
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vintage wedding hair, birdcage veil

If you are planning on doing your own hair, finding and easy to use accessory can be the key to your wedding day hairstyle.

The photo above features a bride with a side swept updo who is wearing an easy to apply and remove birdcage veil. Why? Because these French tulle birdcage hair clips hold the veil in place easily.

She opted to place the net holding her bangs, giving her that super elegant look that any bride deserves on her day!

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