Beautiful Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage bridal dresses are taking the bridal fashion world by storm.

While vintage has different meanings to different brides,choosing the right gown is one of the most important decisions a bride will face during wedding planning.

From the colored gowns wore during medieval times, the classic white wedding dress trend started by Queen Victoria to corset wedding dresses in the late 1800s every period has a defining fashion sense.

So your challenge is to find your dream wedding gown and make it fit for your wedding theme.

The Perfect Dress for any Vintage Theme

Looking for vintage wedding dresses is fun. You can try to find a vintage creation at unusual places such as flea markets and online stores. Many brides decide to wear their mother dress, and some even their grandmother's.
But what if you want a brand new dress with the antique look you so much crave for?
When looking for your dream dress, take into account some of these insider tips and tricks and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Your dress design can scream vintage find even when is not. Delicate embroidery creates the illusion of a handcrafted piece of fashion.

Long ballroom gowns also give the idea of elegant parties in royal palaces from a regal time that now is long gone.

Vintage Flair

As dress that has hand sewn seed pearls, gives the impression of a royal look effortlessly.
A trick for any gown to be more "vintage" is to wear it in an off white color, creating the illusion that time has passed by.

Designer wedding dresses always have that extra wow factor. Take a look at this lace wedding dress by Mia Solano.
This strapless lace gown has a tiered skirt which highlights the beautiful beading along the bodice. I think this dress has a very French vibe to it and even though looks vintage it is also regal and modern.

birdcage veil

Remember to accessorize your dress with the right jewelry and veil.  For an instant vintage look on your wedding day birdcage veils and feathers are a must!

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