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Choosing your wedding colors can be one of the tasks within your wedding planning that can literally keep you up all night.

While many brides have a vision of what the theme of the wedding will be, they feel hopeless and asking for guidance when facing the decision of getting her wedding color palette set.

Vintage wedding themes have this timeless elegant look that should translate perfectly throughout your celebration.

Here you can see 5 different color combinations ideas to help you travel peacefully through the journey of a vintage wedding planning.

vintge color palette infographic
  • Black and White: This timeless combination is classy and glam no matter what your vintage theme might be. It is also the preferred color scheme for a 1940’s theme wedding.

One of the pros of using this combination is that the bridal market offers endless items that you can include and adapt to the vision of your theme. It is easy to find invitations, attire, favors and more with this elegant combination.

  •  Coral and Pink: This warm color combination is ideal for a events that are simple yet gorgeous. This palette can be represented wisely to give your guests that taste of a blast from the past. These colors are naturally found in diverse flowers and will surely look beautiful in your cake and venue as well.

To make things even more interesting, this is the type of color combination that can be used at any season, adapting to your event date and venue effortlessly.

  • Red and Gold: This surprising and striking combination fits perfectly the fun couple that loves to catch the everyone’s eye and celebrate large. The vibrant colors are beautiful and glimmery, ideal for a night time celebration with a royal or festive look.
  • Sea Green and Cyan: The soft colors mixed perfectly to inspire retro celebrations with an art deco or beach theme. Reminiscence of green and blue tones found in nature seaside, they exude glamour and purity that you and your party will love.
  • Lavender and Blush: the combination of this soft purple and delicate rose tone is breathtaking. The charming union of these hues will bring the enchantment of your wedding day to a fancy affair that will be remembered by all of your guests.


Use these colors wisely and methodically when you plan the look of your celebration. Adding them to unexpected items like linen, chair sashes or even your own garter or wedding dress sash constitute the details that will make the wedding your own.

Remember that you can implement these options through different ideas that will make the event present your signature.

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