Victorian Wedding Theme Ideas
Creative and Unique Ideas for your Victorian Wedding!

Victorian Wedding Theme Ideas. A vintage type wedding can be celebrated outdoors or indoors. If you have a small wedding party and want to celebrate in a very intimate way with your closest affections renting a teahouse is a unique idea.

The Victorian era is always associated with elegance, from the women to their household items and attire. You need to embrace that simplicity and translate it into the modern world for an original tea wedding reception.

For an intimate wedding celebration look for a tea house or a place that has a history for a more authentic feel. You can rent a tea house for the whole afternoon, and that leaves you to enjoy the company of your beloved family and friends.

victorian wedding theme ideas

Another setting for a Victorian wedding is an afternoon tea, decorations of the said establishment can reflect those of the era.

To decorate, greet your guests with an iron cage with fake birds flying out from it. A little bit of fine-tuning and you’ll have a perfect wedding place.

victorian wedding theme ideas, victorain wedding centerpiece

Astound your guests with a do-it-yourself centerpiece. Antique style cups filled with moss and bunch of mini white flowers gives and elegant view. To light up your tables, opt for a small bird cage candle holder.

victorian wedding theme ideas, victorian finger food

By holding a small reception in the afternoon will let you save some money as you won’t be serving a full meal. As your wedding will take place in an afternoon tea, you can serve finger food and pastries.

victorian wedding theme ideas, victorian teacup

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Serve different types of tea in delicate painted chinaware. Decors are very simple but demand good attention from each guest.

There are several choices for your wedding gown but properly accessorizing it will help you embrace the look of the era. A silk ribbon as a necklace, a cameo necklace or brooch, a pearl choker or a pair of gloves for swanky Victorian attire are good examples. Your groom can wear a classic tuxedo.

Have lovely tea party ceremony madam! Best wishes, Victorian style.

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