Victorian Wedding Reception
An Intimately Romantic Wedding Affair

A Victorian wedding reception is ideal for an intimate gathering to celebrate your wedding. In the Victorian era, wedding guests followed all the formalities of a royal affair.

The bride and groom always lead the procession to the refreshment-room, and the rest of the wedding party would take their places according to age and ranks. In modern days, a Victorian theme wedding reception does not implement the same rules but it is always an intimate and elegant event.

Having a Victorian theme wedding means having a royalty inspired celebration. Fashion and women power became eminent during the Era and it was also the time where the white wedding dress became popular.

We have Queen Victoria to thank for giving us the everlasting and timeless white dress fashion. Up to then wedding dresses were colored, with purple, blue and red being the most popular options.

Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding day for political reason, since white fabric was cheaper than colored ones, and became a household name.

victorian wedding reception, wedding couple

Brides who want to embrace the Victorian era on their wedding day can wear a corset-wedding gown. I am not saying you have to wear a tight corset dress made from the Victorian era.

A corset inspired wedding dress will best fit for the theme. Lace dresses and ball gowns are also best choices for the theme.

victorian wedding reception, victorian venue

Choose different shades of purple to give your guests a regal treatment. Your Victorian wedding reception should be in a vintage inspired venue like a tea house or coffee shop, or an old house. Antique inspired wallpapers, wooden floors and purple colored walls complete the whole scenario.

victorian wedding reception, victorian venue

A Victorian reception is normally intimate. No more than 50 to 60 guests, where most of them are family members. A U-shape table formation allows your guests to see each other and talk while enjoying the food.

Spread damask inspired table linen and old style candelabras serve as your table centerpieces, creating a vintage royal look. A romantic setting for a close-knit family ties!

victorian wedding reception, victorian wedding table

Photos Courtesy of Creative Wedding Photographer Rosie Parsons

Remember that this vintage theme wedding focus is the relationship that is created between families when a couple marries. Enjoying great food (even finger food), drinks and time in a private environment is what this royal wedding theme is all about.

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