Victorian Valentine Wedding Theme

A Victorian Valentine wedding theme has that vintage romantic look that many brides would kill for.

Pastel colors and the strong presence of times that are no longer here are written all over this wedding theme.

Romanticism and innocence are the premise for this vintage theme. Cupids and cherubs could also be used to emphasize the overall feeling of your celebration.

Let's get to work.

The colors

Here you need to create a delicate vintage look.
You will be working with pastel colors and off whites to indicate that a past era is present on your day.

You can accentuate your linen with some red details in small portions.
If you decide to make chocolate part or your valentine vintage celebration go ahead and do so, without compromising the main colors of your theme.

Your Tables

Use an off white color for your linen.
If you are using a chair sashes a soft pastel pink or orange is ideal.

I know you must be wondering what to do when it comes to your centerpiece.
Keep it simple and take a clue form this vintage flower arrangement.

Soft pastel color flowers are present and the use of a non conventional vase also adds to the look.

vintage flower arrangement

To add extra romanticism to the set up, you could sprinkle fresh rose petals on your table top.

Those red details

Maybe you want to use some red to accentuate your victorian valentine theme.

There are a few ways to achieve this without compromising the overall look.
Take clues from some vintage valentine images to get inspired.

Remember those chair sashes? They could be red instead of the pastel pink.

Use a red heart place card holder, or a red napkin ring, maybe even some red detailing in your wedding cake, etc

Just use one or two of these ideas.
You want to create some balance and the red can really take over the whole environment if you abuse its use.

Another great idea is to use a red ribbon around your flower arrangement to accentuate it.
It is a subtle detail that gets the point across and also creates a focal point at your tables!

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