Victorian Valentine Cakes

Victorian Valentine cakes are luscious and have the vintage look.
They are romantic and elegant, and yet resemble the royal and luxurious designs from the old days.

Chocolate is always present in these desserts as it also represents the romance of an era that is gone.

So let’s take a look at some valentine cakes together.

While these are original ideas for your design, only 1 tier is pictured here.

Vintage all the way

victorian valentine cake, vintage wedding cake

Look at this beauty.

It is heart shaped and covered in chocolate.

If you take a closer look at it, it also fits a garden or wine wedding theme due that it has a grape design.

Victorian Style

victorian valentine cake, vintage wedding cake

This cake has a more Victorian look.
The combination of the colors and rose design gives it that romantic elegant look.

Just like you see it, this cake is actually a chocolate cheesecake.
While you can have a tiered cake, you could also present various cake in a cascading display to achieve the vintage look.

Mini Cake

victorian mini cake, vintage rose mini cake

Victorian ages were all about luxury.
A good way to represent the era is by serving your guests mini cakes, instead of a piece of the traditional wedding cake.

The mini cake you see here is covered in chocolate and adorned with a rose.
Mini or individual cakes make for great display and presentation.

It makes each guest feel special and treated like royalty.
So this is also a great option and a unique idea to make your wedding one of a kind.

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