Vases for Centerpieces
A Toast for Stylish and Inexpensive Décor!

Vases for centerpieces become known for brides nowadays, who are getting more practical and spending less on their wedding centerpieces.

Vases are practically cheap and come in various shapes that you can think of.

Having budget centerpieces doesn’t mean having a cheap looking wedding table centerpiece also.

Instead, let your imagination flow and you will see that the sky is the limit on this subject.

Vases for centerpieces come in various shapes you can think of. All you have to do is to let its shape, size or color do the talking.

The ensemble is effortless; your decorating project will be a very successful one.

Here are some vases you can use for your wedding but they don’t look like cheap wedding centerpieces once given a proper décor.

vases for centerpieces, cylinder vases

These Cylinder Floating Candle Vase Set come in set of three with different sizes (6”, 7.5”, and 10.5”) and made of heavy weight glass. The vases are clear so it does not get in the view of the guests.

You can decorate these vases on your own. Fill them with water, drop pebbles and topped it up with a flower of your choice, then a candle floating above them. An instant romantic mood for your guests!

vases for centerpieces, hot pink vase

If you are a DIY bride, this hot pink vase is the best choice for you. It does not only give you a blast of color but also show your own personality and style in front of your guests, and not only that, this vase can be used up to 10 times!
With proper décor, who would think that you used the same vases for your rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, next day brunch and etc.!

You can easily transform this with ribbons, jewels and other decorations. For a more personal touch, you can glue framed photos of you and your husband at the walls, then fill it with a bouquet of roses (or any flowers of your choice). Decorating this reusable vase is a piece of cake for your and your friends!

vases for centerpieces, square centerpiece vases, glass vases

Square glass vase . I recommend this heavy weight glass vase to use for your wedding centerpieces. It’s shaped is best fit for a long table arrangements. It is most recommended to use at a low centerpiece setting.

To decorate this type of vase, you can half fill it with pebbles (coordinate it with your color palette) then add painted branches, and pillar candles. A simple design but gives your guests a clean sleek wedding centerpiece.

There endless possibility in decorating your vases for your wedding centerpiece. You might be surprised that you already have them at home! A homework done well will make your wedding day a memorable one.

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