A Valentines Wedding Theme.
A sweet and bubbly celebration with romance in the air.

A valentines Wedding Theme.
A sweet and bubbly celebration with romance in the air.
A night of romance and sweet kisses.
Have a unique wedding celebration based on the most romantic day of the Year.

Setting up the theme from the get go

Start setting up the theme with your personalized wedding invitations

At the end of your ceremony, have your guest bless you with a shower of heart shaped designer wedding rice .

Yes, as you read it heart shaped wedding rice . Why would you go with regular rice, when you can have it in heart shape? See, this is the kind of small not so costly detail that I talk about all the time. It will set the theme straight form the beginning and will be something your guest will definitely remember!

The colors for your theme

And your colors? Reds and pinks are the classic options for your valentines wedding theme.

Use white linen on your tables and accentuate with red and/or pink details. You can decorate your tables with heart confetti or glitter.

If you are using chair covers, you could accentuate them with a red or pink sash around them.
You will find many decorations in the heart shaped form. For example:

Silver Heart Placecard Holder

* Heart shaped dress and tux cookies ( I know ,not exactly a decoration, but a nice touch).

* Heart glass coasters

* Heart placecard holders

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So, what should you wear?

Hmmm, what kind of dress should you wear for a valentines wedding theme?
I will say any type of dress, but to me a princess cut has that romantic touch to go with the theme.
If you go for this classic look, compliment your hair with a heart tiara or hair pin.

If you are a daring bride and want to add the unique touch to with your wedding gown, you should wear a red dress. You may think it is kind of dramatic, I agree, but they are so gorgeous.

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Let's talk about food!

What comes to mind when you think about Valentines day? I think about a good meal at a nice restaurant, chocolate cover cherries and roses. Sometimes I think about Cotton candy and a trip to the local fair.

And by now you might be wondering : where is she heading with this? Well, just bear with me. All that I am trying to say is that Valentines Day has a special meaning to all of us. Yes, it is all about celebrating the love in our lives, but we all perceive it in a different way.

So with the menu for your wedding some of you will want to go with your favorite meal, some of you will decide repeating what you had on the first Valentines with your now husband, and some of you will just like to experiment something new. So it is your choice, there's nothing set in stone, just make it yours and enjoy your day.

A sweet piece of heaven

Your cake, the one you always dreamt about. When choosing your cake, you have many many options.

You can have a very classic cake , just all white and decorate with red rose petals or flowers. You can go with a stunning red cake, decorated with white hearts. You could also incorporate the theme by using a double heart cake topper .

A little love for your guest

You can find endless favors for a Valentines wedding theme. Here are just some of the options:

* Plantable wildflower favors-heart sets

* Heart whisk favor

* Acrylic heart box 'Perfect Heart' Scented Rose Soaps with Silver Heart Charm

* Mirror heart magnet

* Heart scented rose soaps with silver heart charm

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