Valentine Table Decorations

Valentine Table Decorations

Your Valentine table decorations will be a success if you just follow some simple tips.

Keep in mind that you can work with one main color (red for example) and complement with a basic color. Gold, Silver, white or black are favorites for a Valentine theme wedding.

Love is in the air and the best tip for you to keep in mind is to just  keep it simple. The hearts, the roses, really this theme doesn't require a lot of crazy ideas.

The beauty of it resides in how you display your items at the table.

A Basic Setting

Chances are red is your main color. How you apply it can have a major effect on the overall look of your table.

Use white linen and accentuate the table with red. How do you do it? Sprinkle  fresh rose petals on your table top.

Take into account that one package will give a lightly scattered look to five or six 60" round tabletops. For a more densely carpeted look, you'll need one package for every three tables. If you do not feel safe using fresh petals, your could use silk ones as an alternative.

Another way to dress up your table is by using a red runner across it or red napkins, or napkin rings. But what is really the cherry on top? A great floral arrangement as part of your Valentine table decorations. As you can imagine red roses are the top choice when it comes to flowers, but that could be an expensive option if you have too many tables.

The use of red carnations or Gerber daisies are a much more affordable option.

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Making your Arrangement Grand

Making your arrangement the focal point on your tables is not difficult if you follow some simple tips. You need to give it height. You achieve this by using a tall vase or by placing your centerpiece in a platform.

Another way to make it grand is by adding small swirls jewelry in it. It will glam them up and make them even more elegant and eye catching.

A bolder look

You can use red linen for a bolder effect, or a candlelight celebration, I wouldn't recommend it for a daytime wedding as the result can be overwhelming with plenty of light. You can also use the flower arrangement, just consider that using red all over creates a more dramatic effect.

heart etched votive candle

It also creates a more romantic ambiance, especially if you light it up by using candles. A candle arrangement is perfect for this setting, maybe even more than the floral centerpiece.
And to accentuate the table even more, use some tea light votives.

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