Valentine Decorations
Love is all around you

Your Valentine decorations will enhance the overall look of your Valentine theme wedding.

Let’s take a look at some decoration ideas that you could implement at your reception hall.

Your Big Entrance

You tied the knot and now all of your guests are waiting for you at the venue for a day or night to celebrate your love and union.

You are ready for your big entrance and what better way to do so but entering the room by a heart shaped archway !

valentine decorations, valentine archway

Archways and make great focal points and they also frame beautiful picture opportunities.

The Tables

A great way to bring the romanticism of the day alive is by using a candle arrangement.

I love the idea of using a heart shaped or flat bowl and fill the bottom with red crystal pebbles.
You can then place a floating candle and this way has created a unique and original centerpiece.

What about the favors?

Believe or not, the way that you display your valentine wedding. favors can make a world of difference as they will act as decorations as well.

Let’s say that you are giving your guests party take out boxes.

Placing them scattered on a flat surface won’t create a focal point or a fair display for them.
However I you decide to place some of them on a platform you will be given them height and they will also serve as decorations.

Another way to make your display grand would be by placing your valentine theme favors on a cascading cake display.

Ok, maybe you are using some favor bags or even chiffon bags with chocolate favors.

Same concept applies here. You could place some on top of a red or white heart shaped pillow to create an uneven surface or give them height.

If the bags are not heavy, you can even buy some dry Manzanita tree and hang them there to have a rustic yet modern look

It all comes down to finding the favor you want and displaying it in a unique and original way.
When you achieve this, unusual elements become great unexpected valentine decorations.

The sweets

I know that I got you thinking with the tips to make your favors part of your valentine decorations.

If you decide to use cupcakes, the way you present them can also make a difference.

From cupcake towers, designs and displays, you have thousands of options.
A lasting impression can be made by placing them in Swirl hearts cupcake wrappers .

valentine theme favor, heart cupcake wrapper

It is your wedding and a Valentines one is fun, and elegant, also classic and romantic.
Have fun with it and make memories.

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