Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine cupcakes are one of the newest trends in wedding cakes.
They are fun and can be customized to fit the theme.

While pink and red are the predominant colors for this festivity, there is a growing trend of also using lavender, purple, baby blue and baby pink for decorations and designs.

And with a Valentines theme wedding these ones are surely to bring you back to memory lane, while creating exciting memories of your newlywed life.

Let’s take a look at some heart designs.

Just One Heart

valentine cupcake, heart cupcake

A simple way to decorate your wedding cupcakes for your theme is just by adding a heart as a topper.

You can use heart shaped candy or cookies for this task.

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The Heart Shaped

valentine cupcake, heart cupcake

Another way to fit the theme is y having a heart shaped cupcake.
Decorate with your favorite frosting and you are good to go.
You can also add some heart shaped sprinkles to complete the look.

It’s all in the presentation

valentine cupcake tower

Here is another heart shaped topper. While this is a different design, you can see that the presentation makes a world of difference here.

The use of a cupcake tower creates a delicate effect and focal point.
You can always have a mini cake to accompany these beauties. The mini cake is a symbolic cake that you will use to make the classic cutting picture moment, while the cupcakes will be served to your guests.

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