Valentine Cake Ideas

Valentine Cake Ideas

While many brides dream of a traditional wedding cake with a romantic valentine design, you are looking for something else.

Having a Valentine theme wedding and an unconventional wedding cake are possible.

Here are some unconventional wedding cake pictures to get you inspired.<br>

Curious? Let’s get started.

Sweet Pastels

valentine cakes, pastel mini cakes

There’s no other color as subtle and romantic as pink. If this is your wedding color you can have fun with this unique design.

Mini cakes are one of the biggest trends for adventurous and creative brides. Add height to the display by placing them in a cupcake tower rack.

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valentine cake, heart mini cake

An elegant way to present your dessert if you have a theme with a vintage feel is by serving mini cakes .
The delicate detailing on the design makes each and every one of these mini cakes just grand.

For the Love of Fruit

valentine cake, fruit candy cups

What if your wedding cake is not a cake at all? Valentines is a passionate theme and you can play along with the sexiness of the theme with you cake.

And what is sexier than chocolate and strawberries? Have a fruit  chocolate or candy cups as your wedding cake. You can make the traditional cake cutting with a matching mini cake. But having this beauty is unique and original.

Also take a look at the deep and rich color combination in the design and you know that this one a winner. Accompany your chocolate fruit cups with a champagne toast.

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