Unique Wedding Venues

There are venues and places with a unique appeal that serve very well for certain wedding themes.

Nature lovers are known to rent spaces or private halls at zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens. Couples that love to have a Renaissance theme are seen getting married at Renaissance fair grounds, as there is usually a chapel on location.

Other couples have gone to the extreme of saying their vows while parachuting, sky diving, on a hot air balloon, at theme parks, sport fields and more.

unique wedding venues

If finding a unique venue is your purpose, think outside the box and do your research. You will find that there are hundreds of possibilities within your reach.


A restaurant offers the perfect solution for couples that look for a familiar menu or great food. You can actually save money on items like decorations, because restaurants that rent a private room for celebrations are usually already decorated.

A theme restaurant could be the solution for couples looking for a short celebration with a nice menu and servers included. It also provides a safe environment for small to medium wedding parties.

Country Club

Country club venues have an upscale, sophisticated look that is perfect for an elegant type of wedding.

unique wedding venues

Country clubs always have strikingly gorgeous surroundings that make your reception a picture perfect occasion. Whether it is a lake, a golf course or a marina, you and your guests will stop to admire the breathtaking scenery.

Some country clubs are only open through member referral, even for events, so take some time to place some calls and find out if that is the case with the venue of your choice.

Historic Buildings

Couples that look for a unique venue with lots of history and architectural details can find a perfect match with a historic building.

Venues like these always have a royal, elegant look, and they make great locations for an unforgettable celebration.

Private estates, mansions, castles, and other venues with stunning grounds serve for a unique and glorious setting.

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