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You want wedding reception invitations that will embrace and present the concept of your theme to your guests.

Unique wedding invitations come in hundreds of styles, designs and colors. From classic and elegant designs with a timeless appeal, to new modern styles that place a fun approach to the bridal stationary world you will be delighted to start your search and find the wedding invitation that defines your day.

orange  wedding invitations

christmas wedding invitation
Wedding Invitation

 The best Eiffel tower invitation designs for your wedding
Wedding Invitations

fishing wedding invitations

purple wedding invitations

red  wedding invitations

star wedding invitations

seahorse wedding invitations

art deco wedding invitations, couture design
Wedding Invitation

diamond wedding invitation, modern design
Wedding Invitations

art deco wedding invitations, black and white filigree design
Art Deco
Filigree Invites

seashell wedding invitations
Wedding Invitations

beach wedding invitations

carnival wedding invitations
Wedding Invitations

tiffany wedding invitations

1940s themed wedding invitations
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Cherry Blossom

1940s themed wedding invitations
William Arthur

ocean wedding invitations

winter wedding invitations

winter wedding invitation

diamond wedding invitation

art deco wedding invitation
Art Deco

Popular Wedding Invitations

There are thousands of invites to choose from, but the ones that fall under the following categories are the most popular among brides:

  • Beach Wedding Invitations
  • Shells, seahorses, starfish, palm trees, exotic flowers, tropical settings, boats, anchors, cruise ships, ocean waves and sunsets are just some of the few elements that define the designs in this category.

  • Photo Wedding Invitations
  • This category is filled by blank framed invitations that allow you to place a picture of your choice as part of the design. Engagements pictures or romantic photos are favourites to use in this type of invitation.

  • Blank Wedding Invitations
  • Here, you can order a design that you can complete and address manually on your own or print it with your own text, font and color choice.

  • Western Wedding Invitations
  • Lassos, horses, daisy flowers, horseshoes, cowboy boots, cowboy figures, bandanas and lasso adorn the invitations in this class.

  • Handmade Wedding Invitations
  • Brides that are creative and/or crafty may make this choice. Using templates or scrapbooking techniques, brides create invitations that are truly one of a kind.

  • Season or Holiday Invites
  • Invitations that refer to a specific season or holiday are perfect for couples that tie the knot on certain dates or for those to decide on a season or holiday theme. Christmas, winter, summer, spring, fall, Valentines and New Years are usually chosen by couples globally to embrace and celebrate their love.

  • Elegant Wedding Invitations
  • Timeless and beautiful sketches can be found in this group. From vintage creations, to monograms, damask, flowers drawings to modern and fun faves like peacock feathers and birds, you will find original invites to choose from.

    Unique Wedding Invitations Tips and Ideas

    Your invitations will have their own look according to some choices you will have to make when you personalize them. Adding the information of your wedding date and location are basics, but there are other things you will have to take care of.

    Choosing fonts, size and colors can have a big impact on the overall look of the card. You will also have to personalize the envelope and address both the invitation and the envelope with the proper manner and etiquette in place.

    Adding accessories to your card such as bows, ribbons, belts, direction cards and programs are some of the items you can add to complete your invite.

    And remember that there is a whole world outside of paper wedding invitations. Scroll invites, bottle and or boxed invitations are fun and refreshing to use if they fit your theme.

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