A Tuscany Theme Wedding.
The dreamy vineyard country and soft summer breeze.

A Tuscany Theme Wedding.

A dreamy italian vineyard country and soft summer breeze at the center of your celebration. There's nothing more romantic than feeling the warmth rays of the sun over you , surrounded by the people you love.

Laughing, engaged in wonderful conversation enjoying a gorgeous meal in the country side. And sipping on your favorite wine, what a delight! So if this is what you love, wouldn't it be perfect as your wedding theme? let's set the mood and have a unique celebration.

Setting the scene

You need to find the right venue if possible for this theme. Think out of the box and hold your wedding outdoors at a garden, vineyard or winery.
If you hold it indoors, make sure that your venue counts with a beautiful garden that you can use as a picture spot.

Your colors will be green , yellows and purples. If you don’t want a traditional wedding invitation, start setting the theme with a wine bottle invitation

Set your tables with cork place card holders or if you are having a night reception use wine cork candles . Have a unique centerpiece by setting a tray of cheese samples and/or olives. Or a glass bowl filled with luscious grapes could also go perfectly with the theme.

Of course you can go with the traditional flower bouquet! Just make sure you keep p your arrangement a very classy summery one. You could use a big yellow flower to make a statement. Sunflowers are perfect for this theme due that they are summery and have the perfect colors for the tuscan theme wedding.

And don't forget to serve wine! This is a very important item to set the theme for your tuscan theme wedding.

So, what should you wear?

Hmmm, what kind of dress should you wear for a tuscany theme wedding?
I will say any type of dress, and to go with the theme make sure that your wedding dress has some type of yellow detailing. Maybe a yellow sash or beads. If you don't like yellow you could use the green or purple instead.

Let's talk about food!

Food is a very important part of the italian life. Pastas, bread ,olives and jams are included in any italian menu.

But sweets play a very important role. Did you know the jordan almonds wedding tradition was originated in Italy?
So serve theme in your wedding or give theme out as wedding favors!

Make sure your cake is unique. You can go with the theme by having it decorated with the theme colors or yellow flowers. Another idea is to have a very classy tiered white cake decorated with fruits or grapes in the tiers. Just play with your imagination and you'll find your perfect cake.

A little something for your guest

And last but not least...
So what kind of favors should you buy for your guests for your tuscany theme wedding?

Here are some ideas:

* Olive Oil Bottles in Signature Tuscan Boxes

* Personalized Infused Olive Oil

* Personalized Jelly Favors

* Parmesan Cheese & Spice Shaker

* Wine Stopper and Corkscrew Set Favor

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