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A Tulip Centerpiece is quite romantic and unique. Tulips represent perfect love, so they are a great choice for weddings. Including them in your bouquet, boutonnieres and/or centerpieces would give your wedding an elegant and romantic look.

There is something whimsical about tulips, you can combine them with butterflies, dragon flies, ladybugs and create a summery garden centerpiece. They even fit a fairy theme wedding.

You can use them alone, in one or different colors or combine them with other flowers. Here you will find some tulip centerpiece designs that will inspire you to recreate them or to make your own.
Enjoy the gallery!

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Simple and Elegant

tulip centerpiece, red tulip arangement

To make this elegant centerpiece you need a tall vase, sand, tulips and some bear grass. Pour the colored sand inside the vase, stick the tulips in it and place the bear grass in between them. That's all! It is really easy and you can make this one in no time.

If you find it difficult to keep the tulips standing on the sand, use this trick for extra stability. Use a piece of florist foam that will fit inside the glass. Stick the tulips in it and place them in the vase. Just then, cover up the foam with the colored sand and add the bear grass.

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More than Tulips

The following centerpieces present the tulips combined with other flowers. Carnations, daisies and roses are mixed with the tulips to create beautiful arrangements. Also take a look at the different bases and elements used to make unique tulip centerpieces.

The colors on these go from bold to romantic and summery. You can find tulips in almost any color. Reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples, whites, even in two tones for hybrids. Choose a color palette to fit your theme and you are on the way to create your very own piece of art!

tulip centerpiece, tulip and rose centerpiece

tulip centerpiece, tulip valentine day centerpiece

tulip centerpiece, purple tulip and rose centerpiece

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