Tropical Wedding Theme

Let nature rule for a magnificent destination theme wedding! 

Tropical wedding theme is the best choice for an outdoor loving couple. If you love the cool breeze of the sea, the earthly smell of the flowers, or simply love the fun and carefree outdoor life, then destination-wedding theme will bring out the best in you and your husband to be. <br>
There are several ways to have a tropical wedding theme but their common denominator  are the flowers of your choice.

The theme should play around the flowers. It has to be everywhere.

tropical wedding theme arch

A ceremony full of flowers can be very delightful and meaningful. Decorate your arch with tropical flowers like purple bougainvillea, white and purple orchids, and attached some green leaves for a more nature feel.

 The perfumes from the flowers give a sweet aroma while you say your vows in front of your guests. Let a piece of hibiscus flowers tucked in each foldable chairs so your guests can slip in their ears for the ceremony.
Use a bouquet of vandas and hibiscus for your pews. There is more than a dreamy feeling to walk down the isle on a bed of flower petals!

tropical wedding theme bouquet

Here's another great idea to incorporate at your tropical wedding theme.Holding a bouquet of warm pink torch ginger flower mixed with other light pink colored flowers is so girlie and so refreshing! You can also use a ball shaped bouquet of white and purple Singapore plumeria. So lovely!

tropical wedding theme, tropical centerpiece

You can also add some boxed matches in your palette color. Pink boxed matches goes with the pink flower centerpiece . You can have them personalized for your guests, which they can use to light up the candles on their tables, or ask them to light the tiki torches when the sun starts to set in the horizon.
Different shades of pink are always a good color palette but in a tropical wedding theme, you can always create your own color palette that goes around your flowers. As the flowers infuse different color so as your wedding ceremony should. You can choose from different  tropical wedding reception themes for your event.

One of the best considerations for a bride on a destination wedding is the shoes to wear. Since you will be mostly walking on a white sand of the beach or in a thick grass of the garden, a wedge sandal would best fit the occasion.

tropical wedding theme

They do not sink in the sand or stick in the grasses. It is very comfortable to wear so can still have the speed to entertain your guests. A small bar lounge for your guests is the best place for placing some travel magazines to read, to make them swim in a tropic mood.
This wedding theme does not need a very heavy wedding dress, beach wedding dress and tropical wedding dress will give the bride room to appreciate the lightness of the wedding.
The bride can also tuck a flower in her ear or a headband made of fresh flowers for a more exotic look. The groom can wear a button down shirt paired with khakis.
Let the tropic thunder in your wedding!

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