Tropical Wedding Reception Themes
A Blend of Mixture and Nature’s Beauty

Tropical wedding reception themes can be as unique as brides to be dreaming of the great theme for a beach or destination wedding. But the themes are so tempting and fun that you can have your tropical wedding right at your backyard or any outdoor reception hall.

Bright and vibrant tropical colors can be spread all around the venue. A tropical theme wedding is affordable as most of its elements can be seen around you, which helps when planning a cheap wedding reception.

tropical wedding reception themes

Create a theme for your night reception where the guests feel like they are partying under the stars twinkling lights by hanging paper lanterns and glittered stars.

An arrangement of flowers warming up your tables bursting with vibrant colors, and votive candles lighting each table is usual at any tropical wedding reception themes. Make your guests feel like they are in the middle of the tropics right in the middle of your garden! Let your guests know their seat assignments with turquoise-colored place cards to embrace the theme.

tropical wedding reception themes, tropical theme cake

A tropical designed cake does need to have so much decors, a properly placed orchid flowers gives your cake an elegant look and colors of the tropics that will surely leave your guests in awe!

To complete you tropical themed cake, you can opt to choose for a tropical fruit flavored cake.A mango flavored cake topped with butter cream icing is among brides favorites.

tropical wedding reception themes

How about indoors tropical wedding reception themes? This is ideal for couples that want to bring the heat to an original winter wedding.
An indoor reception is also good for your summer theme wedding, just let your imagination and creativity run, and you will have your wedding like in the tropics.

Let the ocean colored lighting reflect in every corner of your reception hall, and spotlight each one of your tables. Decorate them with an arrangement made of colorful flowers like hibiscus, birds of paradise or orchids. Let these flowers be the main theme of your reception hall, and your dream of feeling like in the tropics will be felt by your guests too.

Let your guests wear casual dresses too so they can let loose and let the tropics fill their hearts!

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