Tropical Wedding Centerpieces
Exotic Island Inspirations

Creative Ideas for your Table Setting

Tropical wedding centerpieces reflects the spirit of the Caribbean with an island flavor.

When you are hosting a tropical themed wedding everything adds to create a unique look

From the decorations to your dress, the favors and the colors, all helps to bring that exotic island environment.

And the centerpieces are no exception to this rule.
The main attraction at your table set up, chosen carefully can make your tables the talk of town.

Let's take a look at some of your options.

Flower Arrangements

tropican wedding centerpieces, bird of paradise centerpiece

Flower arrangements are among many brides favorites and a popular option always in demand.The tropical wedding is fond of vibrant and colorful exotic flowers.

Orchids, Birds of paradise and tiger Lilies are the top of exotic flowers list for this theme ( and also used in many beach themed weddings).

You can have a centerpiece with one or many of these flowers that will truly catch everyone's attention.


Yes, Fruits are also a very important part or any tropical wedding.

Using a great fruit centerpiece will bring the colors right to your table. This item also serves double duty.
A unique and original centerpiece as well as an edible item for each table.
Strawberries, grapes, melons, pineapples, oranges and coconuts are great options.
I know that when we think tropical fruits bananas come to mind. Even though they are truly theme appropriate, they are not a good option for a fruit arrangement.
Unfortunately they will go black rapidly , specially if your wedding it's outdoor, that's why many vendors will not include them in a fruit arrangement.

A Touch of Wild Nights

tropical wedding centerpieces, tiki torch centerpiece

Tropical wedding centerpieces sometimes are a bit unexpected.
One of the newest trends takes the island spirit to the next level.

Using Tiki Torch Centerpieces will definitely give your tables a very unique look.

You can decorate the base of these with flowers or scatter sea shells along it.
They are gorgeous and provide a very unique setting.

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