Tiffany Wedding Theme

Sophisticated and stylish

Tiffany Wedding Theme

This theme is classy and stylish and started gaining popularity when Singer Toni Braxton made it her wedding theme in 2001.

The theme is excellent whether you have an indoor or outdoors celebration. It also accommodates to beach wedding themes, for brides that want something a little more luxurious.

Color Palette

So what are the colors? The main color is the famous robin's egg blue that represents the brand so well.
This color goes great alone or combined with silver and you should base your vision on them alone or combined. You can also add a touch of baby pink for some contrast but only in small doses!

Your Wedding Invitation

As I mentioned before, robin's egg blue should be the main color on your wedding.

So what better way to let your guest know about your theme but by sending them a for a tiffany wedding theme invitation. This will be the first peek your guests will have of your wedding theme, so don't understimate the power of the invitation!

15 tiffany blue wedding invitations

Tiffany Bridal Look

When selecting your gown look for something luxurious, maybe with crystal embellishments. You could also have a gown with blue or silver details embroidered to fit the Tiffany wedding theme.

For a simpler and carefree look, select a white gown and wear it with a blue sash, or a white wedding dress and a blue hair accessory or jewelry.

Have your groom wear a blue boutonniere to go with the theme.

Decorating your Venue

Once at the venue place light blue chair covers and tablecloths and white or silver dishware, or go backwards, with the white or silver linen and robin's egg blue dishware.

I now having this pale blue on the linen can be difficult, unless you have it dye just for your celebration which can be costly.

So for a quick fix, use the white chair covers and tie a silk blue ribbon around them to set the mood. As you may encounter the same issue with the color dishware, use white with a blue or silver rim, and have robin's egg blue napkin rings.

Tiffany wedding theme cake, blue wedding theme cake, crystal cake topper, monogram cake topper

If you decide to have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece, you have many possibilities.
You can have the flowers dye to match the theme (robin's egg blue) or have flowers in a baby pink shade to create some contrast.
You could also have some of the flowers sprayed with a little silver paint only at the end of the petals.

These are just options and if you are doing it yourself, just take the appropriate time or have a relative help you, due that you'll have too much on your plate as to be playing with paint and flowers!
Other ideas for centerpieces will include arrangements with crystals, maybe a pretty vase filled in with blue beads, crystal rocks, etc., use your imagination.

Don't forget to make your wedding cake go with the theme and decorate it with blue and silver or blue and white. Some brides like the idea of the square cake, decorated in blue to resemble Tiffany's gift boxes.

As for the cake topper you could go for a non conventional one in crystal to give the cake the extra sparkle.

The Favors

There are plenty of favors to choose from around a Tiffany wedding theme. You can have a light blue favor box, bag or tin filled with blue jordan almonds, candy or M&M's.

For something more delicate you could have any type of crystal favor , such as paperweights, candle holders, wine stoppers, etc. Personalized chocolate bars with a blue design, your names and wedding date work very good as well.

The list is endless, just look for something that represents you the most and it is classy and elegant fitting your wedding theme.

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