Tarragon Vinegar
An Easy Homemade Wedding Favor

Great DIY Wedding Edible Favor

A tarragon vinegar wedding favor is a very original way to give a unique edible creation to your guests. All that you need to get is the two main ingredients and some pretty bottles to make this wonderful homemade herb vinegar and inexpensive favor.
I think it makes a wonderful favor for any Tuscan theme wedding or a wine wedding theme. Of course it can fit other themes! And you can even make it to enjoy at the privacy of your newlywed home!

And yes, no cooking needed and it lasts up to a year. Without further more, let's get to it.

Ingredients and Recipe

To make about 1 ½ cups you will need is 1 ½ cups of white wine vinegar or cider vinegar and a good handful of dry fresh tarragon chopped and an extra freshly picked unsprayed tarragon sprigs.

You can replace the tarragon with another herb such as basil if it's more of your like or if it is in season. Calculate your amounts according to the bottles you chosen and the quantity of guests attending your wedding.

Put the tarragon in a bowl and cover it with the vinegar. Cover the bowl with a double layer of plastic wrap and let it sit in a dark cool place for seven days so the herbs can infuse the vinegar.

Passed the seven days, strain the vinegar and pour it in sterilized bottles. Place a couple of the tarragon sprigs inside the bottle and close them. Keep the bottles in a dark cool place until the day of your event.

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