Summer Weddings
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Learn how to throw a unique summer celebration

Summer weddings.
Do you want to find the best themes and learn how to throw a unique wedding celebration?

Wedding season is at its peak in summer time...

The warm weather makes perfect for graceful and original weddings to take place.
No matter what time of the day you decide to have your celebration, your party is surely to be a success.

So Many Choices

You have decided that you will have a summer wedding; you can not wait to start with your planning and finding the perfect venue.

But where do you start?
There are a couple of things that a bride should decide at the first stages of planning and if you stick to your decisions, planning will be done in a snap.

The best thing you can do is decide your colors, choose a theme around it or vice versa and right after this start looking for the perfect venue.

Believe me, wedding planning is not difficult.
If you decide on these 3 items early on and stick to your plan, everything else will fall into place.

Popular Summer Wedding Themes

So what are popular themes for the season?
Themes that are colorful and fun, unconventional and classic ones, is really up to you.

From Beach wedding themes, to carnival ones, passing by garden themes or butterfly inspired options are endless.

So take a look at what kind of wedding you would love to host, if a classy and elegant or a fun and unconventional and decide what makes you happier.

Many brides decide to have a flower wedding theme, where your decorations, favors and table settings are inspired by your preferred option.

Another trend? To have a theme that is completely opposite to the season, for example a winter wonderland in a summer date.
It is doable and creative, no one will be expecting it, but be aware that you may face some challenges when doing this if you plan at the last minute.

So with the perfect season on your side your celebration will be a happy summer affair. Just have fun, enjoy the weather, and create an event that will be in everyone’s memory for years to come.

Your cake

The wedding cake is the focal point at any celebration. Summer wedding cakes include the best the season has to offer.

Fruit flavored cakes are extremely popular and so are new trendy flavors, that seem to be right out of a candy store or a day at the fair.

Strawberry flavored cakes, lemon and vanilla are classic options, but they also share the spotlight with new flavors like the new pomegranate cake or even a snickers inspired cake.

Another trend is to actually have a playful and original cupcake wedding cake.
Just decorate according to your theme and have a yummy celebration!

summer weddings cupcake

Photo courtesy of Yummy Piece of Cake.

Share your wedding theme ideas and planning with other brides! Get tips and Ideas for your theme.

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