Star Wedding Decorations

Any couple can use star wedding decorations  to create ambiance at their reception hall.
This is a lovely item that many couples turn into the main theme of their celebration.

Star, celestial and starry night themes are not only popular, but also easy to plan and to achieve with the hundreds of items and wedding supplies available for the DIY bride or wedding planners.

Combining the star element with lights, candles and/or flowers is on way to personalize and place the couples’ signature to their dream day.

But stars can also adorn any type of theme wedding, enhancing the feeling of a romantic, elegant and dreamy celebration.

Here are the best star wedding decorations for your elegant inspired wedding.

Die Cut Star Curtain Gold

Die Cut Star Curtain Gold

Set the tone when you guests walk through this Die Cut Star Curtain. The 3 feet wide x 8 feet long plastic curtain is available in black, silver or gold. Each star on this fabulous star curtain measures 6 inches in diameter and has 5 strands per curtain.

A star themed wedding is very interesting and unique; if you prefer to have this theme in your special day you can use large star curtain for a dazzling effect.

Not only they serve as  an extra effect to the decor, but they also make a great background for theme pictures.
Your guests will be amazed with the setting and feel like they are looking at a starry night throughout your event.

Celestial Wonder Centerpiece Each

Celestial Wonder Centerpiece Each

Dress up your dinner tables with these Celestial Wonders Centerpieces. Each Celestial Wonders Centerpiece is 16 inches high x 6 inches in diameter and made of metal.

Choosing star wedding theme is not just thrilling but also fun. Just the thought that you will be surrounded by dazzling and shimmering stars makes you and your guests to look forward to your wedding day.  

Make your tables noticeably beautiful by setting up a celestial centerpiece. You can even take this readymade centerpiece to the next level surrounding it by tea lights, table jewels or flowers.

Metallic Star Luminaries Pkg/12

Metallic Star Luminaries Pkg/12

Our Black Metallic Star Luminary Bags will create glowing entrances and walkways. Each Black Metallic Star Luminary Bag measures 11 1/2 inches high x 6 inches wide, and has die-cut stars that allows the glow from any candle to escape. Add a little sand to the bottom of each Black Metallic Star Luminary Bag to secure them from them from the elements.

To create a celestial effect at your wedding reception you can illuminate the area with luminaries and surprise your guests with this unique approach.

Luminaries work wonders for evening or night celebrations, especially those held outdoors. They create a romantic and beautiful ambiance effortlessly.  

These star designed ones come in sets of 12 available in different colors  to match your theme. They will create a delicate touch on your wedding day without a doubt.

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