7 Star Wars Wedding Cake Toppers

Many couples take the opportunity of showing their fun side with the wedding cake. Cake designs that include or are inspired by the characters and landscapes shown in the movies.

These cake toppers will help you easily bring the theme to life in your own special way, no matter what type of cake design you choose for your celebration.

Here are seven unique cake topper ideas to help the force be with you on your day.

Ships and Galaxies

This unique wedding cake topper features the beloved Millennium Falcon, should we say more?

I Love you... Star Wars Wedding Cake Toppers

Love the classic line: I Love you, I know. Take your pick at one of these 3 amazing wedding decorations and make it your own.

Characters in Love

Darth Vader was once in love too. When the dark side finds romance, this is the perfect topper for the celebration!

Inspired by R2D2 and BB8 this is a unique and super cute design!

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