A Star Theme Wedding

Fallen Love from Heaven

A starry night, the summer breeze... What a perfect scenario for a wedding celebration.

So how do you recreate the night theme?
Let's take a look...

Star Theme Wedding Invitations

Your invitations and stationery should reflect your wedding theme. Designs with a single or multiple stars can be found in different colors and sizes.

Star Theme Wedding Color Ideas

The primary colors you will concentrate on for your star theme wedding will be blue, white and silver or gold.
Take into account that you can replace silver with gold instead if you are most please with contrasting than complimenting colors.

Do not go overboard with any of the colors; try to find balance between them.
Apply them in your favors, linen, decorations and arrangements.

Star Theme Decorations

star wedding decorations
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Star Wedding Decorations

A very pretty idea will be to have a Star dust girl instead of the traditional flower girl.
Have the little one sprinkle star confetti or glitter instead of flower petals.

Have everyone enter the venue through a star themed archway.

Twinkle Star Archway

You can use silver linen for your table and chairs. Or use white linen and add the silver in the detailing.
You can use it in napkin rings, in a sash around your chair covers, etc.
You could also spread silver star confetti on the tables.

For your centerpiece you could use pillar candles in blue white or silver.
Or have a flat bowl filed with water and place star shaped floating candles in it.

You could also use star shaped paper lamps or small strings of lights to simulate the stars.
Some brides like the idea of placing these strings of lights (like the ones you use in Christmas)through tiny holes in a black or blue board to recreate the sky.

Another idea is to use star shaped balloons to form a bouquet for your table. And you could name each table after a star
or constellation. Star shaped garlands are another option.

Many brides are deciding to have a beautiful star shaped ice sculpture at the reception as part of the theme.

Star Themed Wedding Dress

Your wedding gown should have silver embroidered details (is you find one with stars even better).
You could also have crystal stars sewn in your gown to incorporate the theme.
Wear a star garter. You can buy them or create one by adding a star charm with hot glue to your garter.

This is the perfect theme to wear a very sparkling tiara. So have a hair accessory full of crystals.

Star Theme Wedding Cake Idea

You could have a traditional wedding cake adorned with stars or a star shaped topper. Another idea is to have a star shaped tiered cake.

And if you are really up to something unconventional go with a small wedding cake and cupcakes for each table decorated with sugar stars or star shaped charms.

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